Brand Management Team

Global Pharmaceutical Company


A historically strong brand was in the late stage of its life cycle. The brand team was challenged with getting the sales force committed and effective at selling their brand, which was especially difficult given that the sales organization was also accountable for selling several other blockbuster brands, leaving little time for anything else. Empowering the Brand Team to build the sales force’s commitment to this now declining brand was the breakthrough result we were asked to help achieve.

Results Our Client Produced

  • Revenue for the year exceeded target by $8 million (11%) with an upward trend for the next year.
  • With no formal authority over the sales force, the brand team built passion and a true commitment for selling their brand, not just compliance with hitting a minimum quota or making a certain number of sales calls each week.
  • Achieved breakthrough sales results despite having a marketing budget cut at mid-year because results were exceeding forecast.
  • The brand was moved out of the harvest category and back to the strategic category.
  • Brand Director promoted to run a flagship brand.