Regional VP Creates a Breakthrough

in Sales Banking Industry


A large bank had committed to elevating the sales results of its branches, requiring bank managers, who previously had been accountable for only branch operations, to now be responsible for developing a significant level of new business. SDI worked with a senior executive accountable for 22 branches to develop his ability to coach his branch managers to move from a strictly management mindset and skill set, to becoming effective sales people as well.

Results Our Client Produced

  • The combined 22 branches began producing sales at a whole new level, including 3 sales in one week ranging from $600,000 – $1million.
  • Bank Managers began to identify and drive structural changes needed to support a condition of selling.
  • The number of self-generated sales calls per week for bank managers increased significantly.
  • Key branch managers were developed and retained, avoiding the cost and disruption of replacing them.