Christine Roess, Founding Partner Emeritus

Christine Roess founded SDI Communications in 1986, after 10 years of intensive study, development and practice in a unique approach to the fundamental relationship between language (speaking and listening) and results. Christine’s enthusiastic commitment that motivated her to create a company that could make available this true breakthrough in generating rapid leadership development has not diminished to this day.

At the end of 2016, Christine stepped down from her full time leadership role at SDI and continues to consult on various projects.

Prior to founding SDI Communications, Christine was Director of Public Information for National Medical Fellowships (NMF), a national foundation that supports minority medical education. In that capacity, she worked with leading physicians committed to developing the pool of under-represented minority physicians in the United States. She also wrote speeches and articles which appeared in leading publications, such as the New York Times.

Before joining NMF, Christine was a congressional staff member for then U.S. Congressman, Abner J. Mikva’s (D-IL), managing Congressman Mikva’s south side Chicago district office. Christine also served as a campaign coordinator in a hotly contested Chicago mayoral campaign.

Christine was a member of the Board of Directors for New York Youth at Risk from 1994 through 1997. In 1984 she founded a women’s organization devoted to the development of leadership, and was also a founding member of the Women’s Economic Circle. Since 1977, she has been an active member of The Hunger Project, a global organization committed to ending the chronic persistence of hunger.

Christine has lectured at Fordham University’s Graduate Business School and at Polytechnic University’s Management of Technology graduate business program. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English Literature and did graduate study at Northwestern University in English Language and Literature.

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