Our Approach

For Leaders, Elevating Performance is the Name of the Game

“This is the only program I’ve ever participated in over my 25 year career that gets at the core of leadership.”

Ray Pawlicki
CIO, Biogen

SDI’s unique methodology delivers the dual impact of producing high value outcomes in critical business objectives while simultaneously educating and coaching the client team in a profound new body of knowledge for generating leadership and high performance. The business outcomes are selected at the start of the engagement from those the client team sees as most challenging but currently unlikely to happen at the desired level of quality or within needed budgets and timeframes.

SDI’s ability to rapidly produce these two powerful results stems from our focus on specific kinds of conversations that are at the source of leadership and high performance.

Building on the groundbreaking work in speech act theory and the fundamental relationship between language and action, the impact of SDI’s consulting and coaching interventions far exceeds what has been considered possible to achieve–both in terms of people’s capacities to elevate their own performance and, as a direct consequence,  the results their organizations are able to deliver.

Our Methodology

Our Process