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The process for building the heightened competence to generate these high powered conversations is a series of individual and group sessions. Included in these sessions are exercises where the resolution of critical business challenges are used as the laboratory where theory meets practice. In addition, leaders are guided in a process where they confront the direct relationship between their conversations and the results that the organization produces. They see clearly what’s missing as well as what works about their own communication.

With this significant new awareness, they are coached in the kind of communication that allows them to develop their mastery in areas where they are already strong, and to see precisely what’s missing in their communication where they are not as effective as they would like to be. Our clients demonstrate every day, at a fundamental level, that what distinguishes championship teams from groups of individuals who work hard but function less effectively as a team, is the ability to initiate and manage conversations that create commitments to clear and bold outcomes and generate the coordinated action to make them happen.

While each engagement is customized, there are basic elements in the underlying structure of our approach that have proven to be essential to accelerating and sustaining behavioral change and delivering significant business results.

These elements are:

Establishing High Value Results to Be Accomplished

These are the breakthrough business results that the client team identifies at the start of each engagement. These high leverage results become the proving ground for the power of these high performance conversations.

Team Learning

A key ingredient in the methodology is the power that flows from colleagues learning together. Participants frequently report major insights and breakthroughs that occurred during the workshops while listening to a fellow team member. This is also the time when the relationship of the group becomes one of a true team as they learn to think powerfully together, commit to challenging objectives and support each other while working through the breakdowns that inevitably occur on the way to accomplishing significant objectives.


Coaching is an essential element of every engagement in order to bring the principles and practices out of the realm of the theoretical and apply them to the real concerns and challenges the team faces. Individual coaching also accounts for differences in style and pace of learning, and ensures that each participant is effectively practicing the new behaviors and contributing fully to the successful accomplishment of the breakthrough strategic objectives. Especially important is learning the practice of coaching each other.  This guarantees that the learning continues when the formal sessions are over as people support each other in these new conversational practices.