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The leading edge work of SDI Communications is firmly rooted in two highly respected and complementary schools of twentieth century philosophical thought:

The first school of thought that informs our consulting is known as “Speech Act Theory.” This approach, associated primarily with the highly respected philosophers, John Austin and John Searle, focuses on the difference between the kind of speaking that “reports” on the world, versus the kind of speaking that actually causes things to happen in the world.

The other foundation of our work is the phenomenological tradition going back to Edmund Husserl, which gives remarkable access to the internal state of leaders. Rather than just focusing on what leaders “do” or what they “know,” this approach opens up the qualities, or ways of being, that actually determine both what we “do” and what we “know.” With this new education and coaching in the source of leadership and high performance, leaders and organizations create whole new realms of possibility and results for themselves.

Bringing to bear this powerful body of knowledge to our clients’ important business challenges produces the dual impact of breakthroughs in developing sustainable leadership and high performance behaviors while simultaneously delivering on challenging business outcomes.