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SDI’s success in rapidly developing people’s ability to lead, collaborate, and generate results relies heavily on two elements of its innovative approach. One is the focus on conversations and language as the source of action. Even extremely disparate cultural groups speaking many different languages learn as a team a common language for relationship, action and high performance. We are not giving people a description of the qualities of leadership that they are then substantially on their own to actualize. Rather, we are coaching them in the precise activity that constitutes leadership and collaboration in the conversations that they engage in every day. SDI’s high performance methodology is a demonstration that by altering people’s ability to listen and speak, you can quickly alter their power as leaders and their power to function as a championship team.

In addition to this focus on generating powerful conversations in any situation, we open up an aspect of leadership that is rarely, if ever, addressed; that is the kind of thinking in which leaders engage. We enable participants to see for themselves where their thinking is inconsistent with true leadership and collaboration and to discover the pathway to innovative and creative thinking beyond these habitual limits.

As people become free to think and commit to outcomes beyond what they had considered to be possible, they are coached in how to move an initiative through an organization from inception to completion. One important result of this new learning is the ability to generate extraordinarily effective conversations where people are energized from the sense of real accomplishment and time well spent. Participants become aware of the profound impact of their listening and speaking in a way that consistently allows them to elevate effective action and create high performance.