For Sales

SDI’s work will be of direct benefit to anyone with a commitment to elevating team sales performance.  The SDI process starts with an agreed upon sales outcome that goes beyond what the team now considers within reach without any significant increase in time or effort. Achieving the challenging sales target becomes the laboratory for learning SDI’s groundbreaking methodology which simultaneously opens up a new and practical access to mastery of the sales conversation, from prospecting to close.

This ability to see the fundamental structure of sales, and especially to map it onto their own conversations, impacts every critical stage of the sales process. The impact starts with the numbers of sales calls people engage in as they have a new level of enthusiasm for conversations they previously considered threatening or with little possibility of success. The result is an increase in the hours spent and numbers of sales conversations initiated. Teams also exhibit higher morale with a new ability to be relaxed and authentic anywhere in the sales process. Results increase as participants learn the specific kinds of speaking and listening that support potential customers to move through doubts and indecision and to being able to commit powerfully.

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