Executive Coaching

Utilizing the powerful technology of The Language of Leadership, The Executive Coaching Program (ECP) is a one-on-one relationship that offers a safe and empowering environment for executives to develop their ability to generate high performance in themselves and others.  The ECP allows clients to discover blind spots in their management practices, grow in areas where they are not strong and gain even greater mastery in their areas of strength.

The ECP’s design utilizes a challenging project of the client’s choosing as the laboratory for this extraordinary new approach to leadership development which works from the premise that leadership and high performance are particular kinds of conversations and by giving people new capacities to listen and speak you can rapidly impact their effectiveness. The ECP was designed from 20 years of study and practice in what it takes to generate innovative thinking, high performance and deep satisfaction. It is for those who may be accustomed to being counted on for guidance and direction, and may have few people to count on for support for themselves.