Executive Alignment

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This 3-Day senior executive alignment process is a rigorous series of conversations that enables a highly accountable leadership team to create the necessary conditions to successfully address the challenges with which they are confronted.

The design of this alignment process is based on the premise that three conditions are essential for any leadership team to be extraordinary. We refer to these conditions as pillars, as they are literally the structural underpinnings that must exist for extraordinary leadership to happen.

They are:

  1. Clarity among the leadership team about what results and outcomes they are committed to causing, including measures and timelines, and an authentic commitment from each leader to be 100% responsible for causing those results.
  2. Each member of the team standing for (committed to) the success of every other member of the team.
  3. A body of shared practices of high performance that each of member of the team models in every interaction.

We start this process by asking participants to rate where they and their colleagues are with regard to how powerfully each of these pillars are currently present in their leadership team, where they would give themselves a less than high rating, and what they see as missing or needed. For example, are they really clear about the team’s shared objectives, with each person fully standing for achieving them within a clear timeframe? Are they committed to each other’s success? Are they modeling high performance practices in their daily interactions?
 Based on this information, we design an intervention that brings all three elements into existence, with special focus on what the team has identified as the development areas that would make the most difference to short term and long term results.

The outcome is an Executive Team that has powerfully constituted themselves to provide extraordinary leadership to their organization, that is, a team that is highly aligned around clear goals, standing for each other and committed to demonstrating specific practices of high performance that they themselves have identifed as critical to the organization achieving a high performance culture.