High Performance Project Teams

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High Performance Project Teams is a client customized program designed to empower the full success of any group or groups accountable for producing a critical business result, like launching a brand, accomplishing an aggressive sales target, achieving a demanding operational costs savings or cross functional ERP implementation, or designing and implementing a world-wide Disaster Recovery Plan.

There are specific ways of being, acting and communicating that reliably deliver the kind of critical results we call high performance. This program develops team members in the specific principles, mindsets and practices of high performance collaboration that elevate the quality of work and velocity with which results are produced.

To ensure the learning in this program is retained and applied, the project team’s current objectives are incorporated into the program and used as a learning laboratory, enabling the team to accelerate the results they produce.

Participants Learn To:

  • Build real commitment to bold and meaningful accomplishments rather than getting by with mere compliance.
  • Lead conversations that ensure the actions that move team objectives instead of spending time talking about action,      e.g. what has happened in the past, or could, should or might happen in the future.
  • Develop the kind of listening that builds trust and relationship and removes resistance and obstacles to partnership and collaboration.
  • Reliably produce results through people with whom there is no formal authority.
  • Manage teams through the inevitable obstacles and roadblocks that occur in any significant project in a way that builds morale and maintains strong team behaviors and practices.
  • Identify and transcend a pattern of behavior that doesn’t work and disrupts collaboration and high performance, yet exists in virtually every group.

Who Will Benefit

  • New project teams
  • Brand teams
  • Large IT systems Integrations teams (SAP, etc)
  • Critical project teams that cannot afford failure or mis-steps
  • Project teams with deliverables at risk