High Performance Selling

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The High Performance Selling course is designed to give sales leaders new insights into the elements of the sales conversation (both speaking and listening) which elevate an organization’s sales performance.

Traditionally, sales leaders have had to rely almost exclusively on motivation (leveraged compensation & sales meetings) and a well known body of practices that are accepted as the process for sales training to elevate performance. While these are valuable tools, most sales people are familiar with these principles and practices and they no longer reliably produce a significant alteration in the individual’s capacity to sell.

What it takes to go beyond one’s own limits even when current performance is acceptable or even excellent is a developmental coaching challenge which the High Performance Selling course is designed to meet. The program provides deep and sustainable learning that develops people in their ability to lead customers in highly effective sales conversations. They are able to see with new clarity where they get stopped or are weakest in the cycle of sales conversations from building a strong prospects list, to establishing the kind of relationship needed, to having obstacles occur as an opening to deepen the customers commitment and strengthen the relationship.

For each participant in the course, the specific sales objectives they need to meet in the next four quarters are utilized as the laboratory for applying the teachings of the course. Each principle taught will be immediately practiced and coached, and the course’s effectiveness is measured by people’s successful performance against the sales objectives.

What Is Learned

  • What the specific impediments are in yourself and in those you lead that are preventing extraordinary sales conversations as well as what’s needed to overcome them.
  • A way of listening that causes resistance to disappear, that builds trust and that enables customers to share their most relevant concerns. This way of listening goes beyond mere techniques.
  • How to build authentic relationships with customers, including senior executives, that open up new sales opportunities and make selling easier.
  • How to initiate and manage the five types of conversations needed to create a sales opportunity, build a customer’s commitment to the sale and move it all the way to closure.
  • A powerful way to interact with objections that in the past have stopped the selling process which expands the capacity to move deals forward and close them.
  • A breakthrough methodology for managing sales performance including uncovering common sales management practices that unknowingly hurt performance.

Who Benefits From The Course? Anyone having conversations with customers that have the potential to drive the sales process:

  • Sales Associates
  • Sales Managers
  • Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Professional Service Associates