Open Space Meetings

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A True Breakthrough in Corporate Meetings

After many years of work and study to discover what it would take to have meetings that truly inspire and empower people, we are thrilled to offer Open Space Meetings. An Open Space event operates from extremely simple principles that allow the natural enthusiasm and creativity inherent (but often suppressed) in any group to emerge.

Examples of issues where Open Space could be valuable:

  • Creating an organizational future with department-wide or company-wide participation.
  • Accelerating new product development with broad cross-functional involvement, which could include customers.
  • Resolving conflicts and breakdowns among entrenched factions.
  • Eliciting creative thinking and broad participation especially in diverse groups.

When to consider an Open Space Meeting?  Anytime there is a pressing, complex business issue that must be acted upon decisively by a group of people with diverse points of view (the more diverse, the richer the experience).

Who can participate? Anyone who cares deeply about the meeting subject matter can participate.

What is the format? Open Space events can be one, two or three day meetings depending on the complexity of the subject and the results intended.

What is the optimum group size? Open Space works equally well with groups from 10 to 500.  With appropriate systems support, the numbers can easily be larger.