Performance Cascade

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The Performance Cascade is a structured approach for developing a culture with specific practices of high performance across an entire organization in a way that is aligned and integrated with the organization’s purpose and senior management’s intention. It starts with the development of a body of senior level managers who take accountability for the overall success of the initiative. Middle management is then coaching in the change process, and they, in turn, bring it into the larger organization.  The basic structure, customized to each unique environment, consists of three phases, summarized below.

The Accountability Team is a body of leaders who have accepted accountability for elevating performance across the organization. These team members will be developed in the SDI Performance Paradigm and in designing and guiding a large-scale change initiative.

The Accountability Team then invites high performing middle level managers and team leaders to join them in their commitment to the transformation of the culture. This group named The Coaches Team will be coached by members of the Accountability Team in the principals and practices of the SDI Performance Paradigm and will coach the Associates Team.

The Associates Team consists of a critical mass of associates from the larger organization, sufficient for creating a tipping point in the organization’s culture. The Coaches Team will support the associates in applying the practices of high performance.

What Is Accomplished

  • The principles and practices of High Performance are extended into the organization and form the foundation of a sustainable High Performance culture.
  • Leaders are developed as coaches and the practice of coaching is imbedded into the culture, providing a foundation for sustaining high performance.
  • At every level of the engagement, participants are coached to fulfill on the projects and business objectives that achieve management’s intentions for the organization.

Who Benefits From The Program

  • Members at all levels of an organization that are committed to producing a sustainable breakthrough in their performance.