The Future by Design™

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The Future by DesignTM process guides leaders in creating a powerful organizational future with the potency and authenticity necessary to shape the organization’s performance in the present.

A committed future is arguably the biggest lever available to an organization’s leaders for harnessing and focusing the full potential of the organization’s members.  However, in most organizations, the potential of this lever is largely under used.  Common sources for this missed opportunity include:

  • Futures that show up as “pie in the sky” and lack genuine authenticity.
  • Futures with insufficient possibility.
  • The future that gets articulated is never deeply embraced because people in the organization have a view that the “real future” will turn out differently. This view resides in the background, is not publicly shared, yet is decisive.
  • The leaders who create the future don’t know how to build end to end organizational commitment to the future, rather than just compliance for it.

The Future by DesignTM process addresses these common shortcomings and provides a reliable approach for creating a future that a leadership team can utilize as the foundation for an extraordinary organization.  In the process, the following outcomes are achieved:

  • The organization’s predictable future, given the current way of operating, gets clearly distinguished.
  • Current drivers of organizational thinking and performance that will impact the organization’s ability to implement the future are uncovered.
  • Powerful practices of generative listening and generative speaking are introduced and utilized in creating the future.
  • From a blank canvas, the leadership team designs an organizational future that is so compelling that it reaches back into the present and affects people’s performance now.
  • A pathway is created for enrolling the organization members and other key stakeholders into the future in a way that gains genuine commitment and not just compliance.

The Future by DesignTM Elements

  • Initial conversations with senior leaders to understand their intentions and needs from the Future by DesignTM
  • Interviews with the leadership team and selected members of the organization to gain a deep appreciation for the current condition and any concerns.
  • Creating and leading a customized working session to achieve the specific outcomes needed by each client.
  • One to three consultative conversations with the leadership team after the working session to support the enrollment of the organization’s members and key stakeholders into the new future.