Language of Leadership                                                          A New Science of Leadership

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The Language of Leadership is a 6 month executive intensive designed for senior teams committed to causing a culture of widely distributed leadership and high performance. In this program, the team engages in a rigorous inquiry that unveils the fundamental structure of their leadership and trains them in the essential behaviors and practices (conversations) of high-performance teams. This unique developmental program leaves participants with a new access to their own power and responsibility in a way that alters who they are as leaders and sows the seeds for a new culture of leadership within the organization.
This program consists of 4, two day group sessions, one-on-one coaching and team coaching. The team is coached to create and deliver on Strategic Objectives, allowing participants to apply what is learned in the program while simultaneously delivering critical business results. These objectives are drawn from challenging business objectives that are at risk of not happening or happening in the time, quality or budget that is needed.

What is Learned and Accomplished

  • The essential conversations and practices of a High Performance Team that sustain high level collaboration and innovation.
  • The ability to articulate and stand for a bold future, as a team, in a way that produces broad organizational commitment to that future.
  • Leading conversations that ensure the actions that will quickly advance team objectives.
  • A way of listening that builds trust and relationship and removes resistance and obstacles to partnership and collaboration.
  • How to reliably and effectively work as a team through inevitable breakdowns with power and velocity.
  • A critical business result that is identified by the team as highly desirable but unlikely to happen is accomplished.

Who Will Benefit

  • CEOs and their Executive Team
  • Senior Leadership Teams
  • Cross functional and/or silo’d senior leaders who would benefit from a breakthrough in collaboration